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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry aims at boosting the patient's satisfaction with their look, primarily their smile. Modern dentistry uses a term "smile design" to show how smiles today can be designed to enhance the patient's best smile. Every person has a unique smile and that we do is make the best possible smile a person can have. Smile design can be achieved through following procedures:

estetskaThere are two common ways to whiten ones teeth: by tray method used at home or during the visit to the dentist.

-Tray teeth whitening method is an effective way to a beautiful, bright smile. The patient applies whitening gel to trays (splints), made individually by the dentist, locates the trays onto teeth and leaves them on overnight (8 hours). The whole treatment takes 8-10 nights. The effects are quickly visible, often even after the first night. The time required to achieve the whitening effect depends on how dark or stained the teeth were before treatment. The active agent is Carbamide peroxide with neutral pH of 6.9. It is a safe chemical agent, used for decades for oral cavity disinfection, and now it allows millions of people around the world to whiten their teeth

- The dentist may also choose the chair-side whitening method. In that case trays are not used, only a special, stronger whitening preparation (Opalescence Boost) is applied to the teeth. The whitening effect may then be achieved even after 2-3 visits. This method is much faster and as safe and effective as tray whitening. Sometimes very dark teeth may require a longer period of whitening. Ultimately the color of teeth stabilizes after about 2 weeks. During teeth whitening a temporary hypersensitivity to cold may occur - in such cases a desensitizing preparation is applied to the same trays. In people maintaining normal oral hygiene, tooth whitening is as durable as any other dental treatment. Bright color is maintained longer, if the patient applies oral hygiene methods recommended by the dentist. After several years after treatment the teeth may become slightly darker due to staining agents (tobacco, coffee, tea). In such a case the dentist will recommend a supplementary treatment of 1-2 nights. Before starting the whitening treatment, the dentist examines the condition of teeth and gums to ensure maximum safety. Old fillings and tartar often have to be removed and losses filled. As a rule, in such cases the dentist applies temporary fillings, as fillings do not become whiter. The teeth are ultimately filled after the whitening treatment and after the brighter tooth color is stabilized. Depending on the patient's lifestyle and level of tooth discoloration, the dentist selects the preparation and course of treatment.

Take caution teeth whitening methods you can do at home!

Recently more preparations for teeth whitening without the help of a dentist appear on the market. Without the dentist's supervision, uneven whitening may occur. The patients often do not realize that they have fillings in tooth color and that these will not become whiter, and after such individual whitening they will have to be replaced with new fillings. In case of uncontrolled excessive whitening, teeth may become transparent and thus seem to be darker; amalgam filling may start to appear through tooth tissue. If the patient has old, non-hermetic fillings, pain may occur. Only a dental surgeon may prepare the patient in a proper way, select the appropriate method, and prevent excessive whitening or hypersensitivity.
Porcelain veneers
This technique is a way to achieve beautiful, even, whiter teeth. Veneers, being thin porcelain facings glued to the front side of the teeth, will correct all the discolorations and shape imperfections once and for all. Porcelain veneers do not change their color (they do not darken). Veneers also allow tooth gaps to be closed. Compare the photos before and after treatment.

Cercon® full-ceramic crowns
Cercon® is a state-of-the-art non-metallic zirconium ceramic system based on CAD/CAM technology. The technology is based on computer scanning and preparation of material being a special composite of zirconium ceramic ZrO2, stabilized with Y2O3 oxide. This material allows for fillings in any part of the arc up to the size of a seven-point bridge. Note that the advantages and characteristics of work made with CERCON system are difficult to compare, as conventional materials used in laboratories are not even a close match to the possibilities offered by this technology.

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Procera® full-ceramic crowns
If your teeth (especially front teeth) are not only stained or discolored, but also seriously damaged, Procera crowns are an ideal way to reinforce the teeth in an aesthetic manner.
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Teeth jewelry or real diamonds on your teeth!
If you want to make your smile interesting and intriguing and you are bored with just white teeth, try a novelty! Hand-profiled jewelry with patented pattern is a perfect way to make your smile unique. You can choose from a range of models made with yellow or white gold, adorned with precious stones. Teeth jewelry does not damage tooth structures, and their removal is possible at any time and painless. As a special treatment at Dentorium studio we will enable you to put real gemstones, be it diamonds or any other, on your teeth! You will certainly look and feel special.
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